About us :


Extouge develops various ranges of goods and places at your disposal its know-how to adapt its outlet to your request.
Thanks to our knowledge of the products and requirements of the distributors, we offer to our clients the tailor-made packing which is appropriate exactly for the targeted markets.
Our strategy is to provide overseas markets with its needs for foodstuff with highest quality standards.
Also, we conduct various studies for product development and creation of new products.


  • An up to date range of products.
  • A major know-how.
  • Many years of experience in the field.
  • A capacity to answer and evolution vis-à-vis to the market changes.
  • An effective logistic follow-up guarantees the good execution of the commitments.





Our staff is specialized and highly experienced personnel.
The management works according to the most update international quality systems.
The main objective is to ensure high accuracy in performance and quick response to variation and development in the food industry.

Head office: Agadir - Morocco

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